The busy life of college students

Most universities have established tutoring centers where students can go for help, especially in challenging areas like composition and math. These centers do excellent work: Student-tutors learn how to share their knowledge and their peers get much-needed confidence.

Sadly, though, even the best tutoring center falls short of meeting all students’ needs.

That’s because students simply have less unscheduled time today than ever before.

Students Are Busier Than Ever – Campus Programs Must Adapt

Even a well-run, full-staffed tutoring center cannot overcome the basic fact of campus life: The students today are busier than ever. Both tutors and the peers they seek to help need to schedule their time around many other commitments essential to their success and well-being.

Presuming students sleep at least eight hours a night and study at least two hours a week per classroom hour, they’re left with 58 hours. Into those hours step the student organizations many young people become involved with for belonging, structure, and leadership development.

Consider: A resident advisor on an average campus must dedicate about 15 hours a week to duty shifts, resident programming, and administrative tasks. Students in campus publications have heavier commitments, and student athletes still heavier.

Even if students find themselves with unstructured time, commitments like these are typically scheduled during the hours campus tutoring centers are open. And, of course, many students travel home on a regular basis to see family, often as soon as their last class during the week.

Some students have even bigger hurdles to surmount.

As students become more attuned to the long-term consequences of educational debt, more of them are electing to work while they study. Students who maintain part-time work away from campus are under-represented in those served by tutoring centers.

The proportion of college students with families and children of their own is growing. For these students to take advantage of academic resources, those resources must be available when they are able to be on campus – often early in the morning and later in the evening.

Finally, it’s important to remember that many students are striving for academic excellence in the face of chronic health conditions. Many disabling conditions limit physical endurance and attention. Resources that are not available when they are able to use them may as well not exist.

As you read this, most of your students are busy and many of them are stressed. But there is a way for you to support them in getting the help they need – one that fits their modern lifestyle.

Software Solutions Can Extend Campus Resources to Everybody

Face-to-face tutoring can be an important part of the traditional college experience, but it should not be the only way students can get the help they need. Software tools can step in to fill the gap.

Although not all students can make it to tutoring, 100% have Web access in the residence halls. Nearly that many carry a supercomputer in their pockets. Online solutions are the key to success.

With an online tutoring platform, students can connect with their tutors at a time that’s right for them. It also helps tutors to invest more hours focused on advising others – they’re students too!

Luckily, you don’t have to look far for a purpose-built online tutoring platform that meets your needs. You can connect tutors with students without complicated installation or maintenance.

Our online tutoring platform was crafted with feedback from academic deans and today’s college students. Your tutoring center can be connected within just a few days.

To find out more or get started, contact us today. We look forward to helping you soon.

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